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China Paper Bags Manufacturer

 Quality Control

Our staff inspecting the products

One of QC processes



  • QC/Technical Support
    Our independent QA department with 25 well-trained full-time QC members ensure the quality from incoming materials, on-line production until final production. Our QC members conduct inspections on every procedure of production.
  • QC Staff
    20 to 25
  • Procedures/testing Details
    1. All the raw materials are tested before production.

    2. Pre-Production: Raw materials are examined to ensure that they have reached customers' requirements. For any problem, the controller will submit a report to the QC supervisor.

    3. Production Lines: Based on the random sampling technique, our QC members randomly select and check a set of samples. If the defected products exceed the pre-assigned percentage of errors, the whole production line will be reviewed.

    4. Finished Products: Our quality controller performs a visual check on every finished product to make sure it's qualified.





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